Minggu, 07 Agustus 2016

Scholarship, why not?

Hell, I feel like I'm never gonna run away from scholarship thing until I really apply it. First of all, scholarship is the only reason I quit from my job recently. I told my boss and my office mates that I can't continue to work there and I have to apply scholarship real soon with my friends. That's fake! Haha!

The truth was that I just can't stand to work there anymore. Too many phoney. Then I met an old friend of mine, Ato. He was triggering me to apply the scholarship. He said that I can't never fit to our environment, that I need to go abroad for my own good. Make sense!

So he arranged the meeting with his friend, Reni, in by chance is a scholarship conselor for ELC English course. Oh, Reni also is Tesa's friend. so I am thinking why don't I give it a try on it? I mean seriously I know that have the qualification to take it. Just God damn it try!

My dilema due to do this is that I want to run my bag business with Mr. D. I've told him that I plan to take the scholarship and he looks like he doesn't really like the idea.  He said that I need to focus on the business. For me, it doesn't matter to try both. We'll see how it goes.

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